Project Working Mom

When you're juggling your full time job and child's needs, do you really have the time or money to go back to school?mother and child

Most working moms and dads believe they can't pursue a college degree while raising their child (or children!) and paying the bills. A college degree, however, is the best route to financial security and career success.

The answer: online education.

With quality online educational programs available through your PC or laptop, you can go back to school without flipping your busy schedule upside down. Project Working Mom is a scholarship program tailored specifically to online education, equipping working moms and dads across the nation with a financial boost to go back to school.

"Project Working Mom…and Dads Too!" is available to parents that are single, married, or have grown children. Millions of dollars in scholarships have already been rewarded to parents that are studying without the need for a babysitter, commuting expenses, or adjusting their busy lives to daytime class schedules.

Bachelor degrees are important to the working mom.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 15 percent of single mothers have a bachelor's degree; yet nearly half the American workforce is comprised of women. College degrees have a proven track record of improving salary, job security and advancement; the problem in this equation is clear!

A working mom or dad's online bachelor degree program could be completed in as little as three years or as long as six. Many online classes are available year round, including during the summer semester and winter intersession. To get started, all the working mom or dad has to do is apply!

Where do I apply?

Visit this application for Project Working Mom. You'll answer questions like: your start date for your education; your number of children; whether you're currently enrolled or not; etc., then you'll fill out a short essay. Once you've completed this process, your application will be reviewed by participating online schools.

See other Project Working Mom recipients on the Tyra Show.

The Tyra Show announces many of the scholarship winners, so future participants can see the benefits of Project Working Mom to our community. Hear the stories of others and see why it's time to apply for Project Working Mom yourself!

I want to thank eLearners and Project Working Mom for this chance of a lifetime. This scholarship will change my life. I am 53 next month, and I hope to show others that you are never too old to follow your dreams. – Robin Bucholz

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